3 definitions by tOnk3r

A metal dealy to dig food
where is that metal dealy to dig food?

you mean a spoon?

by tOnk3r September 20, 2004
someone who "loves" his/her computer.
a relationship with a computer would be a case of technophilia.
tom: man i really love my computer.
dave: you dirty technophile
tom: i have a problem :(
by tOnk3r November 01, 2004
tOnk3r is a man. He is an English man.
tOnk3r can be found at various locations around the net preaching his word and spreading the light.

He is best known for finding your mistakes and punishing you for being so careless.
ooh my, tOnk3r has fucked my site up.

tOnk3r is great

i wish i was tOnk3r
by tOnk3r September 20, 2004

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