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1. Elevator music, produced by the musak corporation originally, it is now produced by a number of companies and played in stores, elevators, sex parlors, etc. to alter people's moods to be more submissive to the predominant mood of the area.

2. The most godawful thing you will ever hear.
dammit! Why do they always have to play this musak on the radio?
by t3kn0 April 06, 2004
1) A man without a penis or testicles.

2) A young boy castrated to keep his voice from changing. Used by the catholic church during the 1500-1700's as choir boys.

3) A manservant for noble women, castrated so that they don't get any funny ideas about said noble women. In Roman times they were believed to grow to enormous sizes after they were snipped.
1) You must be a eunoch, you can't have a dick.

2) poor eunochs, they never had a chance to go with a girl.

3) we cut off their balls, so they do not get fiesty with the women.
by t3kn0 April 07, 2004
A teamkiller in an online game, specifically halo.
"you killed church, you teamkilling fucktard!"
- Red vs Blue
by t3kn0 April 07, 2004

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