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S(unth is a term with a multiplicity of meanings and usages. Its etymology and usage derives from the bogan subcultures of Melbourne where a group of dirty s(unths , fremried up, decided that the English language was in dire need of a word that rhymes with ‘month’. Thus, the term s(unth entered the lexicon of this backward civilization. Since its inception, the usage of the word s(unth has spread to the subversive world of online 500 and hence through the English speaking world.
Claes: Ladies
Brat: S(unth. I got the funnies ready for Venus - customs missed the shipment :D
Claes: Noice Brattislav
by t0oby July 14, 2008
1. Kum dribbling from the ass.

2. An expletive related to being assraped in 500, hence kumdribbling from ones anus.
1. Vince's seat is wet from asskum.

2. Asskum! Fark u s(unths - Brat all u had to do was play ur ace u dodgy fark
by t0oby July 14, 2008
A state of consciousness directed by the ingestion of fremry juice, Absinthe.
Tobes was fremry, doing his airguitar S. Bach style while Wobs went down on Nettski.
by t0oby July 14, 2008
A term of affection for Absinthe. Also known as funny juice.
We drank fremry juice and then set fire to psychos family, friends and livelihood.
by t0oby July 14, 2008

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