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153 definitions by t

the noise a turtle makes
turtle- .:pokes head out of shell and looks around:. moop
by T February 05, 2004
Modern day musical genius with PIMP beats. His beats are often heard in collaboration with the rap of Tucent.
This is my homeboi lil' b.
by T January 12, 2004
A severe case of the chocolate sphinkter squirts.
I ate some bad oysters yesterday and woke up the screaming mimis. I thought my colon was going to fall out.
by t June 29, 2004
Obnoxiously large vagina lips.
She has humungous baloney flaps.
by t July 15, 2004
A prostate exam.
I went to the doctor because my nards were sore and the SOB checked my oil.
by t June 29, 2004
A friend who is way too much of a social butterfly--knows a lot of peeps and is constantly stopping for quick heart-to-hearts with everyone they run into (this is annoying when you want their complete attention or you are trying to get somewhere on time)
Yo, who are you, the fucking mayor?
by T February 05, 2005
When your dog's arse gets itchy, usually after it drops a load, and then it drags its arse on the ground by its front legs.
I laugh my butt off when my dog does the butt skootin' boogie.
by t June 29, 2004