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superior speices on planet tellus (earth). Existed for about 10000 years++. Have invented fire, internet, hamburgers, pizza, electolux vacumcleaners, dollars.
Killing each other for money and power.
by T May 27, 2003
to be drunk and high at the same time
i think i'm basted; i feel like shiot.
by T June 05, 2003
Bitches. Aint. Shit.

A group of youthful teenagers who are known for their amazing ability at doing what they want, such as giving bitches purple dragons and fingering the po-po.
"whurrd you get your weed from?"
by T April 01, 2005
Modern day musical genius with PIMP beats. His beats are often heard in collaboration with the rap of Tucent.
This is my homeboi lil' b.
by T January 12, 2004
Big swinging balls that try to knock you into the swill water on MXC.
Oh no Vic, he got hit by the nards of doom.
by t September 07, 2004
To empty the contents of the keg. Usually by oral consumption. Also the sign that the party/function has come to an end.
All the beer is gone. The keg has been floated. NO MORE BEER! FUCK! Now how am I gonna get this girl drunk and take advantage of her.
by T October 06, 2004
A place where lame dweebs hang out on an episode of Sponge Bob Squarepants.
Sponge Bob was sent to Weinie hut juniors becasue he was not tough enough to get into the other bar with Sandy Cheeks.
by t June 30, 2004
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