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A word meaning to carry or haul logs.
"Damn, I cant hump wood by myself. I need help."
by swoopdawoop July 26, 2009
A word meaning a top class animal like a deer or elk with a big set of antlers.
"Hey Bob."
"Hey Joe."
"Can you come my house for a bit."
"I shot a trophy and need help gutting it."
"Sure Bob... sure."
by swoopdawoop July 25, 2009
A term created in Counter Strike meaning 1 person fraging (or killing) 5 or more people.
"Dude, check out this guy!"
"He just aced us with a Deagle in 1:32!)
"Daaaaaaamn thats good.)
by swoopdawoop July 25, 2009
A term by skaters meaning, "sweet".
"Dude! Did you see that fakie big flip to smith I did?"
"Hell yeah dude, it was ill."
by swoopdawoop July 25, 2009
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