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A prospective purchaser of a car who does not know what he or she is looking for when examining the car. From the pointless gesture of kicking the tyres often employed by such.
For Sale: 1965 Triumph Spitfire, Old English White, Partial Service History, No Tyre Kickers.
by Sweavo January 05, 2007
Scratch-mixing where the cross-fader mutes the deck that it's nearer. You can do this by plugging the right turntable into channel 1 and the left into channel 2 or by turning over the crossfader or by installing a hamster switch
man, I tried scratching hamster style and I still suck!
by sweavo January 05, 2004
falling apart through bad construction or age. Often applied to software.
I can't get my bank statement out of this shonky website!
by sweavo January 14, 2004
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