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A woman of sexy but evil personality...and body gestures that portray a sexual appearence.
by super steve May 28, 2003
This clearly isn't a word unless you are a horrible speller.
You say tomayto, I say tomahto.
by Super Steve October 31, 2003
The area of useless flesh between a man's scrotum and sphincter. This area is often mistakenly defined as "choda".
I love it when she takes her time at my hahochi when she's moving from my balls to my asshole! Pronounced <Ha-Ha'-chy>
by Super Steve December 18, 2005
beyond gnarly, (orange county surf slang)
That wipe-out was GANAR.
by super steve September 20, 2003
A retarded disco ball, much resembling Mark Uphouse.
"*watches Disco ball twitching, attempting to spin in a circle* OMFG..its like the MARK UPHOUSE OF DISCO BALLS!"
by Super Steve March 16, 2003
An action akin to the high-five or the handshake. The act of touching fists knukle-to-knuckle in greeting or departure. In 2003 this action was accompanied by the phrase "knuckle-up" but has since just become the motion without the phrase. The first instance of this action and phrase was in Dallas, TX in the mid-90's and has since become a common gesture in most public forms of transit in NYC.
Jimbo-- "Is that some kind of a gang sign?"
Miguel--"Nah, that's a knuckle-up, bro."
by super steve August 30, 2005
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