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16 definitions by sunshiyong

Ground swallow me up or GSMU is a phrase which sums up the overall desire to escape an embarrasing or awkward situation.

While the request for a time-machine might seem a more dignified approach to being swallowed up by the ground which seems a cruel fate. GSMU is more fitting to identify feelings of desperation and guilt.

for related topic see awkward, dig a hole and keep digging
Susan: OMG have you seen Jenny? She has the fattest ass ever!
Claire: You mean Jenny who's stood right behind you?
Susan: Ground swallow me up
by sunshiyong November 23, 2010
18 11
A stupid person with bad skin problems.
Poor Norman he has the intelligence of an amoeba and a face only a mother could love.
...yeah poor Norm, he's an Oxymoron.
by sunshiyong October 25, 2010
27 33