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Expressing your wild or sexy side before going in for the kill (foreplay).

Said with the rolling of the tongue 'R' sound and usually making claw-like gesture with the hand/s to imitate a TIGER-R-R!
Person 1: Raar
Person 2: Bedroom...NOW!
by sunshiyong December 06, 2010
A rare toilet phenomenon that draws crowds from all corners of the house and potentially the entire neighbourhood but keeps cisterns and pumps inactive for days.

An 'actual holy crap' has a golden glow. When one gazes upon it's beauty a choir of angels start to sing. However what really seperates this piece of poo from the others is simply miraculous.

An 'actual holy crap' unlike it's cousin the floater which just floats on the water seemingly walks across the water. In fact it almost skips!

An 'actual holy crap' does not have any political will but does have strong opinions on global issues.

An 'actual holy crap' may feign being camera shy but scientists have discovered they crave attention.

Sadly 'actual holy craps' have a short lifespan due to their abhorrent smell and suicidal tendencies.
"Have you heard about that angelic piece of crap on the news? They're saying the little fella walks on water and he has a golden glow!"....."Now that's an actual holy crap"
by sunshiyong November 23, 2010
A slang term for the Korean language.

The name 'Yogi Chogi' identifies the Korean language by the way it sounds to a Westerner.

'Yogi Chogi' is also the official language of Pokemon and friends
Student: Yogi chogi, yogi chogi, hambooger deyyyy!

Teacher: You know the rules! No Speaking 'Yogi Chogi' in my class. English only!

Student: OK Mr.Teacher, I so sorry, me no speak yogi chogi
by sunshiyong October 20, 2010
A quip or remark at the expense of someone considered to possess little or no culture or intelligence. It's usually made by nerds, geeks or prudish females.

The remark is often made as an insult by someone who is disapproving of a persons actions or crude or primitive comments etc

However, ironically the intended insult often confuses the recipient and therefore is mistakenly taken as a compliment. Thus it's not uncommon for the recipient to respond with "thank you".
Un-civilized man sitting with at a bar with two girls. He tries hitting on one girl way out of his league, by groping her to which the other girl shouts (in defence of her friend) "You Philistine!".

"Thanks" he replies only to have his face slapped by the girl he groped and the contents of her drink poured over his head.
by sunshiyong November 23, 2010
The feeling one has after watching a movie containing martial arts fight scenes, leaving the viewer endowed with special martial arts abilities and the strong desire to practice them on someone.

The words 'Do not try this at home' do not make sense to someone who is on a Kung Fu high.

People on a Kung Fu high usually create their own sound effects when they kick or punch.

Those on a Kung Fu high more often than not, do NOT possess the power of Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee but in their mind they are true Kung Fu masters.
Jack: Waaaa feel my Bruce Lee one-inch punch. WaPow!
Lee: Uh oh, looks like Jack's on a Kung Fu High.
by sunshiyong November 29, 2010
Cockney rhyming slang for 'lies'
who's been tellin porkies? (pork pies)
by sunshiyong November 23, 2010
That toilet deposit that just won't flush but prefers to bask in the bathroom light floating on the surface.

Floaters have different levels according to the amount of flushes required to make them go down.

Some people give up and leave them for others to find.

It is 2nd only to an actual holy crap.
"Urgghhh who left a floater?"
The floater is almost impervious to toilet flushing.
by sunshiyong December 07, 2010

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