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5 definitions by sunmarsh

Put the song on the replay i.e. Replay the song
From Rihanna's song- "Pon De Replay"
~ "Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay..."
by sunmarsh July 20, 2005
Top Of The Post Dance. Posted by a rather giddy user at the top of a thread on a message board when a new page has been reached. Usually in an edited post.
Yay, second page! *TOTPD!*
by sunmarsh July 02, 2007
Variant of marvelous. Used when trying to sound sophisticated, or just for fun.
That was mahvelous darling, simply smashing...
by sunmarsh July 02, 2007
Variant of chatspeek. Used in message boards or while Instant Messaging. Used by n00bs and kewl people alike.
+ha+ i5 5o 1337 lyke omg!!!! 1t rox meh soxxx!!!
by sunmarsh July 20, 2005
Also known as m3h, it means "me", chatspeak, mostly used while Instant Messaging.
Me: Where r u goin' Satnight?
You: Teh movies, wanna come w/meh?
by sunmarsh July 20, 2005