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When someone goes completely psychotic on a social networking site and deletes their profile.
Person 1: I haven't seen Susie on Facebook recently, what happened to her?

Person 2: Oh she went crazy and rage deleted her profile after posting a big rant about her ex.
by sungod-Ra August 17, 2011
Too, fucking awesome for you!
Wow this pizza is bitch-fantastic!
by sungod-Ra April 20, 2011
Those chills you get that go up your spine. It feels like a sandworm going up your back.
Jimmy heard his favorite part of that song he likes and it gave him the dune worms.
by sungod-Ra August 25, 2011
A report moderator that lurks high and low for people on websites with violation photos, then reports them.

Also a report moderator that votes to delete these same violations.
Some modiot flagged my pic, and it got deleted by modiots!
by sungod-Ra May 17, 2011

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