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The availability of good parking as a direct result of the way one handles personal driving experiences.
Erin to Paul: "Sweet! front row again... You must have good parking karma."
Luke to Elayne: " You see that motherfucker cut-off that ambulance ?"
Elayne: " Yup! He just lost ALL his parking karma! "
by sunbl00d August 17, 2011
A "NOvie" is a movie you play during some intimate encounter (that no-one actually watches) to shield you from any uncomfortable silence.
Mike: "Jen came over last night so I popped in a novie and we talked till the mood struck right."
by sunbl00d September 02, 2011
Hallucinogen induced anxiety
Dude: "Shit man, I think that Peyote got me freakin out."
Other Dude: "What?"
Dude: "I keep seein weird shit man... I'm fuckin freakin!"
Other Dude: "Dude relax, just tripidation... Breath..."
by Sunbl00d August 30, 2011
Well wishes are the verbal or writen displays of concern for a friend or family members well being.
Sue: "Hey Sarah, I heard about the accident we are all pulling for ya."
John: "Damn baby, I hope you're all right. Call me!"
Peter: "get well soon"
Bob: "Sarah, everyone down at the office is praying for your recovery."
Sarah: "Thanks for all the well wishes guys,, doing much better :)"
by sunbl00d August 10, 2011

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