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A four-piece metal band from Atlanta.
The grestest metal band of the last 10 years, Mastodon have released two full length albums and one EP.

Lifesblood (EP, 2001 Relapse)
Remission (LP, 2002 Relapse)
Leviathan (LP, 2004 Relapse)

They own your fucking soul.
"I hope Mastodon play Elephant Man tonight"
by sugna November 23, 2004
Name of Cradle of Filth's latest album (2004). As above.
"Nymphetamine is vastly better than Damnation and a Day, but no match for Midian."
by sugna September 30, 2004
Best place, EVER.

Situated on the boarder between California and Nevada in the sierra nevada mountain range. The lake plays host to many ski resorts not to mention a lot of other good stuff. South Lake Tahoe is the main city located on the south side of the lake (duh).
I'm going skiing at Lake Tahoe next year.
by sugna November 23, 2004
a 2 piece band from stevenage, england.
consists of very poor guitar playing and mocking of most bands/people/ideas
gnarcheese owns your soul, dude
by sugna December 14, 2003

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