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Really beautiful place where you can go ski or snowboarding, swim in the lake and go hiking.
We have a few cool kids, some retarded, but then again, what city doesnt have some?
And of course, we have our retarded bitch-made haters like "SickkofTA-hoes" whos just mad because he/she doesnt have any friends in that town cause hes most likely a douchebag, who talks shit on everyone who doesnt like him. Calls every girl/guy a slut because those "sluts" probably wouldnt want to fuck that piece of shit, am I right? yes I think so :)
Nikki: Hey did you invite "SickkofTA-hoes" to the party in South Lake Tahoe?
Mike: Hell no! That kid is a punk bitch :)
by SickkOfTahoeHaters January 02, 2011
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An epic and beautiful place that has absolutely amazing views. The wilderness is still pristine and camping is soo much fun and provides a great place to party. However, the locals are WHORES AND DOUCHE BAGS. They are extremely promiscuous and have sex with anything that moves. They have no respect for their elders or people in general. The kids are always rude and just truly have NO RESPECT. this is a generalization of the high school population and it is necessary to add the older crowd is just a bunch of healthy hippie stoners who grow pot and love nature. Also their is a small population of EXTREMELY COOL stoners who go to the high school too. very few in numbers however and there are many people who try to pretend that they are part of this specific brand. they are instantly recognized and therefore shunned for life. Tahoe kids have the possibility to be cool, but are too concerned with their ignorance to realize it. The nature on the other hand overpowers the Tahoe kid's gayness.
-Better bring a bunch of condoms with you to South Lake Tahoe, the girls are infested with AIDS."
by March 19, 2011
A boring ass town filled with dumb shit tourists whjo congest the roads, fake, dumb sluts who will fuck any guy for some sort of attention and start mad drama, and a few cool stoner kids, but the majority of them would also be losers, like most people in this backward fuckin town that i cant wait to leave.
Mike: wanna go to South Lake Tahoe?

Paul: Fuck no, Tahoe is a place you can go to and observe the people to see how good you really have it.
by SickkofTA-hoes September 07, 2009

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