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a girl who typically has giant saggy tits and an ass like a plastic bag filled with water.

another stereotype is that this female likes to be rimmed.
omw check out that ugly rare chick in Joes
oh yeah, she is such a mulilla!
by sugarpuffpee May 29, 2011
when someone is completely unaware that they are covered in flakes everywhere on their body.

this can result in FPS (flaky penis syndrome) and if untreated can result in MSS (mayonnaise spunk syndrome.)
S: oh my word did you see the flakes that cover his body?!
C: yeah, he is such a flaky nic!
by sugarpuffpee May 29, 2011
a typically retarded group of 4 teenagers who reject the existence of any other person outside of their small silver shitty corsa.
their diet consists of mcdonalds and petrol money. generally suck the money from the EMA system and put it in their mcdonalds funds. they think they are cooler than the outside world. applicants to the group are frequently withdrawn within seconds of entry.

can also be put as an acronym of C4.
look at them wankers in that small spaceship car
i know, what a corsa 4!
by sugarpuffpee May 29, 2011

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