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4 definitions by stupac

The act of defecating into a toilet bowl of freshly shaved pubic hair.
I had the shower running, and didn't want to flush the toilet, so I was forced to take a pupe after manscaping this morning.

I took a pupe earlier and it looked like a hairy Lincoln Log.
by Stupac December 04, 2012
2 0
a retarded person or a term used to make fun of someone
"you cock-ass bitch"
by stupac July 17, 2004
7 7
to get really drunk or crazy
" yo me and charles is about to get mad crunk son"
by stupac August 02, 2004
3 23
to smoke a ciggerette or a crack-head
" blaze a stoge dude" " you stoge head
by stupac July 17, 2004
28 206