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This little-used piece of vacation terminology is a combination of the words "sand" and "silla" which is spanish for "chair."

When one would like to recline on the beach and there are no deckchairs available for you enjoyment, scooping sand out of a pit and into a tall pile will give you a an equally comfortable seat and backrest after less than one minute of excavation.

This method always uncovers wet, sub-surface sand, so it is necessary to sprinkle dry sand back on top to avoid any wetness if that bothers you. Perfect for reading a book.
"oh no, those money grubbing resort owners are charging 10 dollars to rent out lawn chairs and parasols."

"worry not, my equatorial amigo, a sansilla is economical, stylish, and environmentally friendly."

"cabron, ¿sabes que eres sumamente inteligente a veces?"

"thanks amigo. let´s get to digging."
by stubble October 10, 2008
This urban derivative of the classically weird scottish pastime involves unlacing your shoes so that they rest loosely on the foot and then kicking them towards hard-to-reach objects such as "on top of cabinet" or "directly under park bench"

Courses may be defined anywhere within the built environment, but this sport is believed to have started in Crossroads Mall on the east side of Seattle, WA.

Players take turns kicking their shoes towards the "hole" beginning with the player whose shoe is currently the furthest from the hole.

A spin-off of this game was recently developed that can be likened to the shoe-golf analog of a driving range. In this version, 2-4 players reach a comfortable undulation on a playground swingset and then attempt to match timing, finesse, and stealthy arodynamic shoe design by kicking off their shoe at the very apex of their swing, seeing who can achieve the greatest distance in shoe-flight.
"We met at the westlake center and enjoyed some starbucks followed by some panda express, but even these delights did not sate our thirst for adventure. We dismayed briefly upon discovering we posessed no footbag, but our melancholy did not last long, as a raucous game of 9-hole shoe golf immediately began.
by stubble February 02, 2009

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