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2 definitions by strongbad911

Jimbo is overall awesome kid, they are not liked by everyone yet they remain highly popular. a Jimbo can come off extremely over confident or "smug" but remember every one can be. some mistake Jimbos with faggots but they are just envious of Jimbos. If you should ever become friends with a Jimbo consider yourself very lucky. Their friendship will last you a lifetime.
Jimbo- hey how are you?
Boy#1- a little bummed
Jimbo- that sucks lets go to starbucks to brighten your day
Boy#1- Thanks!
by strongbad911 February 21, 2010
30 18
the coolest girl ever, she is an awesome friend and knows how to have fun. If you ever come across a London you better become friends with her. Be warned if you make a London mad she can kick your ass.
did you see london at the party?
yeah she was the highlight of the party!
by strongbad911 February 21, 2010
17 28