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A hamburger that is entirely non-existant; used commonly to piss off the cashier working at Mcdonalds.
personA: Welcome to Mcdonalds may i take your order?
personB: Yeah...uhh..I'd like a..uhhh...u got any of those Mcfagburgers?
personB:yeah I'd like a Mcfagburger cuz everything here is gay!
by stphn_kng November 02, 2006
To be shot unexpectedly in the back of one's head. This term can be used in first person shooter games where one dies from head shot without knowing that they were targeted. May not always be used in real life situations for victim is usually dead.
Guy playing cs: "haha im pwning cs..."
"WTF?!? howd i die?"
"Dammit i got skull raped."
by stphn_kng November 05, 2006
An acronym for "friendly asian guy" or "funny asian guy" doesnt matter how you use it. Can be pretty life saving in certain situations.
Normal guy: Hey, you beat me at benchpressing by 30 pounds, wut a fag.
Asian on roids: WTF did u just say to me?
Normal guy: Uhh...I said fag, it means funny asian guy.
Asian on roids: Interesting, well that doesnt sound too bad...Hey, from now on I'm a fag, you got that?
Norma guy: Sure man, I'll make sure everyone knows about it.
by stphn_kng December 07, 2006

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