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a joint which has been dipped in "embalming fluid". most people call it embalming fluid but in truth, it's PCP which is something different. when smoked it produces a hallucinogenic high where a lot of the time you lose control of yourself.
yo mamma smokes sherm sticks
by stoopidgreg November 04, 2003
a really big joint made with at least 9 skins. guaranteed to get you fanjoed.
let's roll a cheech and get fanjoed.
by stoopidgreg November 04, 2003
really stoned or otherwise real high on pills, acid, whatever.
aw man, i'm really fanjoed
by stoopidgreg November 04, 2003
like fanjoed, except strictly just stoned. derivative of chonged (as in cheech and chong).
i'm so chizzonged i can't get up!
by stoopidgreg November 09, 2003
Term for a bong, filled with lovely maryjane.
"A large boujoir with fries and a coke please!!"
by stoopidgreg November 14, 2003
another name for a bong.
pass me the booshoir
by stoopidgreg November 09, 2003

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