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The technique of interrupting someone who is making a valid point by saying, "Let me stop you right there." You can then follow with gibberish since the object is not to have a serious debate but to prevent the other person from being heard. Used when you're losing the argument.

The method is used extensively by and named for Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe cable news. When Joe is losing the argument he frequently interrupts his guests to interject nonsensical declarations. It's used along with chorus-lining to dilute the argument. It is similar to water-boarding in that it depletes the oxygen levels in the room.
His scarboroughing stopped anyone else from speaking.
"Wait a second, I have to interrupt you right there! I've got to say that I think, that back when I was in Congress, we had our differences, Back when I was in Congress, we had lunch, back when I was in Congress, we played the same top forty 70's tunes in the cafeteria, Back when I was in Congress, we had lots of soda pop and cakes, Back when I was in Congress, we wore our socks pulled up......
by stillonline December 17, 2009
Originally from the Latin word "corpus" meaning the body, a corps is a group of people who unite for a common cause. The Peace Corps or the Corps of Engineers or even the United States Marine Corps.

A Corpse is made up of employees sent by corporate bosses to protest legislation that will impact their company. These cadavers are used in paid AstroTurf rallies. In a time when unemployment is double digits, termination of employment is a great motivator of Corpse Protesters.
Corpse Protesters work for numerous industries. The Insurance Corpse protests health insurance regulation, the Climate Corpse protests environmental protection and green energy and the Banking and Wall Street Corpse protests banking regulation that would protect consumers and prevent another meltdown. Militias are the most dangerous of the corpses. Hyped up on talk radio gloom and doom, these unemployed white men protest non existent gun regulation and their tactics border on terrorism.
by stillonline November 16, 2009
I have always thought that if you have a memory - you should also have a forgetery. Maybe that's what the pothole is - the forgetery.

As I get older, I keep losing words. It's like my internal dictionary is broken. Mid-sentence I will stumble and stutter and hope someone can fill in my blanks. For three full years I lost the word for potholes. Even when people told me I quickly forgot. I'd say, "You know those dents in the concrete, where the street sags."

When I told a friend about what happened, he started using the word "pothole" to explain whenever someone is at a loss for words. He says, "Musta dropped it in the pothole."
As I get older I lose my words to the pothole.
by stillonline January 03, 2010
The name for members of the Republican party that, along with a radical right wing philosophy and a wish to blur the line between church and state, are known for reliance on “wedge issues” instead of sound ideas. Wedge politics is a particularly dirty brand of politics. Organized by members of right wing think tanks (such as American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, Hoover Foundation, etc), and a wide range of media institutions and key media figures (I.e. National Review, Rupert Murdoch, and Rush Limbaugh). They watch the "Polls" to find an issue that will polarize the electorate and distract from real issues. They began by using school prayer and abortion and ended by making gay marriage the deciding factor in the 2004 presidential election. This form of politics erodes democracy. The object is to poison the well for any civil debate. The name comes from the polecat, a chiefly nocturnal carnivorous mammal (Mustela putorius) of the weasel family that ejects a malodorous fluid to mark its territory and ward off enemies. In other words – a skunk.
The Pollcats are frustrated by Obama's wide appeal to independent voters.
by stillonline May 03, 2009
Originally a twit was a person who annoys or "twits" others. Not unlike other tw words (twaddle, twat, twerp, etc.) and rhymes with nitwit

Now comes "twitter" and twit takes on a whole new definition. It is still someone who annoys others or "twits" them. But now it is someone so infatuated with twitter and their tweets that when not twittering they are talking about twitter and tweets. A twit is someone who has lost the ability to communicate face to face. Someone lacking interpersonal skills.
In person he's a twit.
by stillonline March 19, 2009

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