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12 definitions by stewie

The largest province in Canada by population and the the second largest by size. Located west of Quebec, east of Manitoba, and north of New York State, Michigan, and Minnesota. Ontario is the economic engine of Canada and home to Canada's largest city, Toronto. Other large cities include Ottawa (the national capital), Hamilton, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Windsor.

Ontario is economically and ideologically split between the populated, urban, and wealthy south and the vast reaches of the northen part of the province.

Most people from other parts of Canada think Ontarians are arrogant wankers that would sell their own mother for a quick buck or a blow job. However, most of these criticisms come from people with small penises and no balls.
Ontario is the most important province in Canada.

I love Ontarians, they support the rest of Canada.

I hate people from Ontario because I'm a right-wing, red-neck freak from Alberta.
by stewie February 07, 2005
The main city in the Southwest of England located on the south coast of Devon near the Cornish border. Plymouth is home is to one of the largest naval bases in Western Europe and home to far too many chavs.

Following intense bombing in WWII, the city centre was rebuilt by stoned and drug addicted urban planners who had a fetish for ugly concrete buildings. Most of the city centre and Union Street is now inhabited by total wankers who seem to like the disgusting surroundings.

Plymouth is also where the Pilgrims left from before heading to that nasty place called America.
I live in Plymouth and it would be nice if we rebuilt the city centre and exiled the chavs to a sinking boat in the middle of the Atlantic.
by stewie February 08, 2005
A town of 25,000 in southern Ontario. Sometimes known as the "Valley Town" as it is located in the valley formed by the Niagara Escarpment as it bends its way around the western end of Lake Ontario.

Dundas is a nice looking town with lots of Georgian and Victorian homes and a downtown that some people actually use. There are lots of natural areas around Dundas with natural waterfalls, gorges, and forested areas due to the Conservation Authority and the RBG.

Dundas is considered one of the more wealthier areas around greater Hamilton.

If you make fun of Dundas, I'll come and kill you in your sleep. Have a nice day.
I like Dundas, it's way nicer than Hamilton.
by stewie February 07, 2005
Another way of saying sausage..... If you spell susej backward you get the word Jesus. Coincidence, I think not.
'Jesus would like a bit of susej, no? ah yes, you're Jewish aren't you'.
by Stewie May 09, 2004
whacking off. a term generally used by males.
"If anyone needs me i'll be in my room rolling dice."
by Stewie July 28, 2004
A spandex wearing impersonator of Lando Calrissian
Carey is a real spando
by stewie June 14, 2004
To be paranoid/twitchy
To be High
Man, you gotta stop being so tweaky.
Man I was tweaking last night.
by Stewie April 08, 2003