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its almost funny enough to spend time to make sure ahah doesnt have a typo
guy #1: Hey dude. I got a joke.
guy #2: Hey!!!!! What is it?
guy #1: Why did the chicken cross the road?
guy #2: Dunno. Why???????
guy #1: To get to the other side!!!!!!!
guy #2: ahaj
by Stevie Wonder January 24, 2004
a basterdly deed , a fagnart is the one who does it . a fagnart is a person who does the basterdy deed. (look up basterd-man)
What kind of fagnart would put glue on the fuc*ing door knob?
by Stevie wonder April 05, 2003
A medical condition where your head is so large that the polatiry of your massive dome and cause you to unknowingly swallow a goat whole.
by Stevie Wonder October 17, 2003
The AOL underground community, best known for its crackers and hackers.
by Stevie Wonder March 18, 2003
A state in which drunken individuals become so paraletic that it i almost histerical. This is a fatal state.
Ross was G-9'd and woke up to Crispy gettin a blow job!!
by Stevie Wonder December 16, 2004
Halo 2 is a repetitive game.
Hey ya wanna play halo 2?

Nah, Half life 2 is king
by Stevie Wonder January 18, 2005
Halo 2 is a fps, sequel to Halo: Combat evolved. I played it and beat it. Took me 3 hours. Legendary is easy same with heroic. Easy is just plain easy.
Joe Bob: Hey ya wanna play Halo 2?
James: Fuck no, Half life 2 is king
by Stevie Wonder January 18, 2005
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