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1. Verb; To play MTG.
2. Adjective; to be of the quality of the city of Lemoore.
3. Noun; A name.
4. Verb; to throw witty insults at someone of lower intelligence, equivalent to the physical abuse of stoning.
1. Were you "Gerking" earlier?
2. Wow, that hit just reeks of "Gerk"
3. Have you seen "Gerk" lately?
4. That retard just got "Gerked"!
by Steven January 14, 2004
To knock someone out with one good punch to the head.
Yo' bitch, you gonna get LACED UP right here if you don't back off me.
by Steven September 08, 2003
to get so shitfaced, you can't walk straight, and you stare at walls and such
Steven: "kent, are you wasted"
Kent: "Dawg, i am goosed"
Steven: "Word"
by Steven February 26, 2003
a girl's fart that comes from her vigina
her quiff reaaly stunk.
by steven April 15, 2005
To sell an item quickly or without permission
I want to flog your tv set
by Steven November 30, 2003
Unclean,messy, dirty and scruffy,
Joe L Turner your room is not tidy
by Steven November 04, 2004
tim lindsay getting head before his soccer game
Slurp, Slurp, Slurp, Gulp, ok good luck time
by Steven December 04, 2003
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