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A farming town located in Monterey County, California. It is best know for fertile fields, gang violence, underage drinking and Palma Football. Most people who stay live in their parents house or work on the family farm.
"Where are you from, Bitch?"

"I am from Salinas."
by steve5917 July 30, 2006
An eye care technition whose scope of practice is limited by training to non surgical eye care in almost all of the United States. The medical eye care they are allowed to deliver is also restricted by training and law. Although they carry the title of "Doctor" in the United States, they do not in Europe. Optometrists are not medically trained and the vast majority of the services they provide is treatment of refractive errors with glasses and contact lenses.
"Are you an Ophthalmologist that is medically and surgically trained to care for eye disease?"

"No, I am just an optometrist."
by steve5917 July 30, 2006

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