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A person that chose, unbelievably, not to go to school until they are 35 in order to work as a doctor. Along with this, they must deal with ignorant dumbasses that think they have no medical training, even though many schools teach the exact same classes to both. Upon graduation, these people will usually work privately, and get to be their own boss eventually. Some will work in chain stores, but take out really solid cash.
So are you an opthalmologist?

Shit no. I'm not an egotistical asshat, and with the 6 practices I own while those douches slave for their HMO I make more money than one anyway.I'm an optometrist, not a boring self-important hospital company knob polisher.
by ThePunisher7755 August 12, 2010
My dream job. All the optometrists I know are badasses that look at eyes all day. They improve people's vision on the daily, prescribe glasses and contacts, look at the back of the eye and detect illnesses from retinal detachments to Diabetes to brain tumors. They pick the most long-lasting, least invasive medical treatments first and only refer for surgery if necessary. I have a great optometrist. He pretty much saved my life.

Optometrists make really good money and have the lowest divorce rate of all occupations. I'd become one if it didn't take 8+ years of school and only about 1 in 8 applicants are accepted into the 22 US schools :/
"Hey man, I thought you had a lazy eye?"

"Got 'er fixed by the optometrist. It's never coming back. He was pretty hot, too."
by jaysway July 18, 2013
A dentist that deals with everything related to the eye instead of teeth. Hated by his technicians and assistants as they couldn't achieve the level of education he has. Ophthalmologist hate him too as they are shocked that he could almost do everything they do except that he didn't have to go through five years of medical training.
Natasha: I have an eye infection, should I go to an the Optometrist or Ophthalmologist?
Sara: Don't go to that old Ophthalmologist except if you need surgery .
by Lionofthedesert June 25, 2016
Doctors (OD) that evaluate and treat the health of the eye and visual system by the use of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other functional, optical, surgical, and pharmaceutical means as regulated by state law.
My optometrist gave me a prescription because I had pink eye.
by Bigboythe 43 March 22, 2006
Optometrists scope of practice extends from prescription of spectacles and contact lenses, to the medical treatment of ocular disease. Unlike an Ophthalmologist, an Optometrist has a thorough training in pure and visual optics; they are thus experts within the science of refraction. Entrance requirements to Optometry are invariably high. Nevertheless salaries are high: £35,000 starting salary($70,000)with the future potential to double or triple this.

I saw the Optometrist yesterday, they have given me a prescription for new spectacles and prescribed an antibiotic for my conjunctivitis.
by mh818543 August 19, 2006
An eye care technition whose scope of practice is limited by training to non surgical eye care in almost all of the United States. The medical eye care they are allowed to deliver is also restricted by training and law. Although they carry the title of "Doctor" in the United States, they do not in Europe. Optometrists are not medically trained and the vast majority of the services they provide is treatment of refractive errors with glasses and contact lenses.
"Are you an Ophthalmologist that is medically and surgically trained to care for eye disease?"

"No, I am just an optometrist."
by steve5917 July 30, 2006
A wannabe ophthalmologist that couldn't get into medical school. Also, predisposed to whining about his/her inadequecy and overall uselessness. In turn, often tries to convince others that they are capable of performing procedures usually done by ophthalmologists.
My mentally handicapped dyslexic monkey decided to become an optometrist.
by genetics textbook January 30, 2007
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