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The BEST FUCKING SUPER HERO EVER.No arguments....he just fucking is.
"When Eric eats a banana he becomes....THE BEST SUPER HERO EVER"
by steve June 29, 2004
A slang word for a large circumsized penis
Paul has a purple helmet warrior
by Steve December 06, 2004
It's ok.
sok dude
by Steve August 03, 2003
Jango Fett was a character in the Star Wars movie Attack Of The Clones. The Clone Troopers and Boba Fett were cloned from him. Mace Windu killed him in the arena battle on Geonosis.
Mace Windu handed Jango Fett his ass!
by Steve April 22, 2005
police station
I saw 2 police cars leave the pig pen
by steve March 29, 2004
exaggerated feeling of well-being or elation
Bushs Euphoric hate for saddam...
by Steve November 17, 2003
1. One of the greatest Black Metal bands in existance.
Dark Funeral makes many cd's, among them are "Teach Children To Worship Satan" and "The Secret of The Black Arts".
by Steve July 14, 2003

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