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673 definitions by steve

Software downloaded from the internet, or transfered via CD/Floppy disk, that is one or more of the following.

a.) Works for a limited time, then requires payment
b.) Works for a limited time, then becomes Nagware
c.) Works forever, but has limited features from the full-blown version
d.) Works forever, but requests nicely that if you really do like it, it would be Politically Correct for you to purchase it
I downloaded this Shareware App off the 'Net, you can't export to format XYZ, but otherwise it is great.
by Steve January 05, 2004
To ejaculate in your pants.
Little Jimmy "creamed his jeans" when the cheerleading squad did their splits.
by Steve July 22, 2003
Beginning life in P2P programs chat rooms, a despo is one who continually seeks porn files and/or cyber sex in such a desperate way that they will get extremely angry and become really difficult when their mission has failed. It is not uncommon for a despo to say after being denied porn/cyber things like: "I fucked your mother" or "Your mom is so fat..........etc". Also inter threats are not uncommon.
"Hi, can i download movie of sex pliz"
This is a popular despo comment as is, "Im horni, can sumone give me cyber or sexo on cam"
by steve March 29, 2005
Phrase meaning very cool, or showing strong approval for something.
That kid is Mad Chill.

This is some Mad Chill pizza.

I love that place...its Mad Chill.

by Steve August 01, 2003
Short for "Copenhagen" chewing tabacco?
Lets dip some cope today.
by steve February 22, 2005
A place in SE Mass where the pilgrims landed on this stupid rock that every tourist seems to be facinated with and they ask you where it is all the time year round.
by Steve September 22, 2003
What you tell the chef at McDonalds when he asks what you want on your food.
McDonalds Chef: What would you like us to do to your quarter pounder? Anything special?

You: Throw some cheese on that bitch! Do it or I will toe tag yo monkey ass
by Steve March 22, 2007