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On the MySpace web site, users who selected "Florida" as their home state wound up with "Flevoland" displayed in error on the site. It was assumed by some users that "Flevoland" was slang for "Florida", but it was actually a glitch in the MySpace program.
Boca Raton, Flevoland
by Jenny Jazz October 27, 2007
The State of Florida.
I reside in Flevoland.
by MsAnthropy January 20, 2007
A nickname for Florida. The name actually refers to a province in the Netherlands, but because of an error in the Myspace system, Flevoland appeared as the state for anyone from Florida. The glitch lasted for an unusually long time, which caused many people to believe it to be an intentional nicknaming of the state. The trend caught on and eventually resulted in an actual nickname.
We're heading down to Flevoland this weekend to catch the fest.
by standardApartmentComplex March 09, 2009
Flevoland is a province of the Netherlands;
NOT Florida.
omg my myspace is too special for florida! i should put flevoland as my state! because flevoland sounds like a cool nickname for florida and i've seen my other floridian friends put that! lolol omg.
by It's Kennedy Bitch October 26, 2007

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