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A theory that evolution is wrong, and the world was created and maintained by Mr.Chuck Norris. This is almost certainly true, the only flaw may be the fact that Chuck Norris has not roundhouse kicked the idiot christians who say intelligent design is about god's heads up there asses.....yet.
Idiot Christian: Intelligent design is about god. Wait why is the door open?

(roundhouse kick like noise)

Idiot Christian: OH MY GOD!! AGHHHHH GAHGG ALEGRA! (dies)
by Stan Lightsaber April 26, 2006
A kool book. Unfortunetly people don't understand that it is a ficticious work! Dan Brown said that it was fake, yet idiots still enjoy screaming about how it lies. People are constantly saying it's full of crap yet they don't get that it isn't real. What next? Are they going to start saying how Harry Potter is inaccurate? Infact the 700 Club is talking about how fake it is right now.
Idiot: The Da Vinci Code is full of lies about jesus!
Dan Brown: Yes I know it is.
Idiot: Ahhhhhhh it's satan!!!
by Stan Lightsaber May 22, 2006
The coolest species ever. They enjoy digging and finding pretty rocks. Unfortunatly they are not very lucky with the laidies must be because of the smell. Like axes and hammers. They could kick your sorry ass!
Jim:That dwarf could ram you with his head and kill you.
Idiot jerk: No he couldn't!
Dwarf: Grrrrrrrrr!
Idiot jerk: ouch you rammed me with your head and killed me!
Dwarf:Bwah ha ha!
by Stan Lightsaber May 15, 2006
originally created as a mixture of the words "noob" and "poop", "noop" means many things. Such as a noob who poops himself, a nerd who poop's himself, or pretty much any jerk who poop's himself. Unlike a noob, a noop can be anyone, no matter their age race or lvl of their guild wars character.
Noop: hey I'm a jerk and I shat myself!

kool guy: wow what a noop.

noop: what the f#$k is a noop?

kool guy: shut up noop.
by stan lightsaber December 20, 2006
The only true religion. Thoughs who follow shall later repent for their....oh I'm just playin I'm just playin!Anywho religions that don't believe in a god seem to be happier!
Stan:Hey Jimmy how's atheism treating you!
Jimmy:Great! how's buddhism treatin you?
Stan and Jimmy: Great!
by Stan Lightsaber April 12, 2006
Not A Bad Place To Be!
AC/DC: If this is hell.....it's not a bad place to be!
by Stan Lightsaber May 02, 2006
Someone who thinks you can make jesus cool, thinks christian rock is cool, or thinks anything else that is uncool is cool. Also someone who thinks they are cool because they don't "care" if we think they suck for going to church, and are all smug about jesus. Without a doubt the person right above me. Look he thinks praying is some kind of weapon he can save us with ha!
Jesus Freak: I don't care what you say, jesus is cool!

Kool guy: Look at that freak! Girls laugh at him!

Hot Girl: Wow Kool guy your really hot! But that jesus freak is making me sick lets go somewhere and make out!

Kool Guy: Kool!
by Stan Lightsaber April 25, 2006

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