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1. v. The act of putting Crisco on a stripper pole so that when the stripper attemps to spin or swing on it she flies off and breaks her arm, thereby allowing you ejaculate on her flailing, injured, helpless body.

2. n. The experience of said act.
E-Rock: "Did you hear about Iain and that 33 year old mother of two?"
Ja-Rizzle: "Shits yeah, son. I heard he's pretty traumatized."
E-Rock: "You know what would cheer him up? Going down to the club for a ride on the diabolical carousel!"
by Stampy October 26, 2005
Giving oral to a chick (or dude, if you swing that way...) who is hairy like a beast.
23:59 <Dr_Hero> I can't believe I'm flossing my comb
by Stampy June 04, 2004
n. A party hosted by two different groups (namely Fraternities) in one venue. A party with three hosts would be a TRIad, etc.
Probe: "Did you hear about Tekes' biad with Betas last night?
Eric: "Yeah, I heard it was the biggest Sausage Fest since the time Pirate House held a kegger."
by Stampy January 10, 2006
Noun. - A mix of aloe and lube that provides a smooth and soothing anal experience.
After a hard day's trek, the hikers built camp and settled down for some good old fashioned backcountry medicine.
by Stampy May 30, 2011
n. The currency used in the University of Washington Greek System. One quanta of street cred is a "tablet".
Probe: "Why is Joel out in the alley with no shoes on kicking Psi-U's dumpster?"
E-Rock: "Dude, it's all good. He's gonna plan a biad with them, and earn us like 9 more street cred tablets."
by Stampy October 26, 2005

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