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An abstract spoken method to point out the presence of white trash to friends while still remaining unoffensive. Based on the NATO code for the letters W and T.
Holy crap Laird, that girl is so whiskey tango!
by stale February 25, 2003
Acronym for: Hit It In The Butt
I HIITB last night, now Julie can't walk straight!
by stale February 25, 2003
When a girl seems interested in having sexual relations with you and then pulls out at the last minute. Typically expressed verbally with the same high note used in the original Soul Train theme song.
Everything with this broad seemed good until I took a ride on the sold train while she left with her friend.
by stale December 13, 2004
Nato for N A H which stands for Nasty Ass Ho.
Damn, Son, this girl is a serious november alpha hotel!
by stale March 08, 2004
Acronymn for Fat Tub Of Shit.
Damn, look at that girl. What an FTOS!
by stale August 03, 2004
Big Big Titties
Damn, that cheerleader sure is sportin' the BBT!
by stale March 07, 2004
The process of gathering up a bunch of your friends to gang bang somebody.
Man, that girl at Chili's has a fantastic ass. Let's run a train on her!
by stale January 04, 2003

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