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The lead singer of the band From First to Last, also known as FFTL. He has a large set of lungs on him for being 17, and also being a midget. If I didn't know who he was, I would've thought he was a cookie elf. Yes, he is that short. He's also known for wearing chick pants and massive amounts of eyeliner. All in all, it seems to pay off since almost every teenage girl is swooning over him since he's not legal yet and they can bang him without it looking like another Jilary scandal.
Sonny Moore dresses like a chick, but a hot one nonetheless.
by Staci March 11, 2005
Often referred to as "St.Useless,The Hell Hole, etc"
This school is run by Nazis who watch your every move, and if you even look at a teacher the wrong way, they'll give you a demerit. The only school with beer-chugging, Irish, nun/principal, who thinks she's a leprican. The teachers always find a way to yell at you even if you did nothing wrong. You could walk down the hall, not doing a thing, and they'll pull you over and tell you that your shirts untucked, or your socks are too short, or " you need to pull your hair up because it's in your face."
" Yeah, gotta go back to the Hell Hole tomorrow, maybe Joan will croak and we'll get off "
by Staci April 03, 2005
A crusted piece of poop stuck to ones butt, used often to insult people.
Bob, sometimes you can be such a bodegit!!
by staci January 09, 2005
fashion! thats all they are
dude i just wear them because i think there awesome, ive worn them forever and nobody has riped them off of me yet maybe because they have no meaning. maybe in florida where there suposidly banned they have a meaning but not where i live, here the colors are just a way to express yourself. or a cool thing to give to your close friends thats it.
by Staci December 27, 2003
refers to dirty dirty girls that make up fake gay sex stories about her friends. also like to make up fake gay stories about harry potter charecters. just a girl who genereally likes gay sex stories.
oh, gala apples, you're such a perv!
by staci February 02, 2005
great band
pft, eric chill out most people know your in floffus, and i dont think yall sound like NFG at all cuz NFG in my terms suck.
by Staci December 27, 2003

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