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That friggin annoying ugly one from Fringe! The one that can't act and the one that should go shag Olivia and then die of death. He doesn't deserve to come from canada because his mentally deranged father (in Fringe) blew on a girl's fanny in a fanfic.
Josh Jackson in hospital
"Olivia I lov-" *beeeeeeep*
by squishy_cullen April 12, 2009
The annoying black lass from High School Musical. She's also a member of the scholastic decathlon club at East High School. Some people also describe her as 'that friggin mean annoying black one from that gay musical'
From HSM 1
Taylor Mckessie: *Forces Gabriella to stop doing the callbacks because that's not her 'thing'*
Gabriella: *Cries-FTR Infront of Taylor*
Taylor: So, do you wanna grab some lunch?
Me: WHORE!!! *Rings KKK*
by squishy_cullen April 09, 2009

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