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Two people teaming up that are douche bags on their own, but together, they're super douche bags--the Dynamic Doucho!
Ted and Sally suck to work with on their own, but when they're paired on a project, they're the Dynamic Doucho!
#douche bags #jerks #dynamic douches #dynamic douche bags #doucho
by sprtagt August 22, 2011
The one person in the family who is either unusually successful, good looking or smart when compared to the rest of the family.
Jim: Wow, Brenda is gorgeous and just made partner at the firm.

Dave: Yeah, and it's a miracle too, if you saw the rest of her family. She's her family's anchor!
#pretty #genius #hot #dumb #poor
by sprtagt May 10, 2011
(1) The modern, 'politically correct' way to refer to a sweatshop.
(2) A term that allows celebrity pitch folks to feel as though workers can get a great 'workout' while they're working.
Hey, I heard the Kardashians are gonna get busted for using sweatshop labor.

That's Bikram labor bro. Perfectly acceptable in this day and age!
#labor #sweatshop #child labor #work #yoga
by sprtagt December 22, 2011
A romantic 'dead-end'. The place you end up after courting someone you're romantically interested in, and she/he has informed you that 'you're just friends'.
Dude, I told Sally I wanted our relationship to move to the next level, and she told me that she'd really love it if we could just be 'really good friends'. Man, that freakin' sucks....I've reached a friend-end.
#friend-ed #friend #girlfriend #boyfriend #friendend
by sprtagt October 18, 2011
Dating a Jewish person simply to appease your Jewish family.
Aryeh is jating Davina even though we all know he's in love with Julie.
#jewish #dating #jate #jew #love
by sprtagt September 09, 2010
Person, typically a woman, who's in to yoga, organic foods, alternative folk music, liberal causes and is probably a vegetarian, but also loves expensive jewelry, wines (typically red), expensive clothes, lots of traveling (in nice hotels).
Sally's a vegetarian and only eats organic foods, so after her yoga class she shops at Whole Foods, and she cares about keeping a small carbon footprint, so she drives there in her Tesla. Of course, while she's there, she sees a great California cabernet for only $69, and buys six.

Yeah, she's a hippy: a glamour hippy.
#vegetarian #rich liberal #glamorous #yoga #organic food
by sprtagt August 05, 2014
Someone who only believes in god when car keys are missing, car won't start, police lights are in the rear view mirror, car is getting annual inspection, there's traffic when he's late.
Sally: John's an atheist right?

Ted: No, he's a Cartholic. I was at his house and he couldn't find his keys. He was like, 'Dear god, please help me find my keys. If I find them I'll go to church this Sunday.'

Sally: Oh, what a douche.
#god #catholic #religious #atheist #agnostic
by sprtagt March 26, 2014
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