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"fuckin early"

It also has further implications of there still being plenty of time to party.

Michelle: I can't stay and drink wit'chas.

Bayer: What the fuck? It's fearly!
by speshy May 03, 2007
To simulate a bubble gum bubble with the scrotum and a testicle.

To blow a bubble:
1. make a circle with your thumb and index finger, a little smaller than the size of a testicle
2. Pull some skin of the scrotum through the hole, so it hangs loose from the hole (be sure not to grab the testicle too)
3. With your other 3 fingers, slowly finesse the testicle through the hole utnil it pops completely through, filling the skin, resembling a bubble gum bubble.
Sorry I'm late for work I was blowing bubbles all morning in the shower.

I cut my sack shaving. Now I can't blow a bubble for a week.
by speshy May 03, 2007
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