31 definitions by spel itt rite

Short for Post And Leave, in other words, a person who will join a website, post something stupid, and them leave and never return. A lot of fanboys fall into this category.
A fanboy is a pal. Most of them only have one post under their name.
by spel itt rite April 28, 2006
Busted behind the back, in other words, being caught with doing something with no evidence.
Some Guy: My mom found out I jack off.
Me: You just got B3 dude!
by spel itt rite April 02, 2006
When translated from idiot speak, it means "I've said enough BS for right now, and if I said anymore, it would be beyond my low IQ of 40."
xbox 360 r0x0rzzzz! nuff said!
by spel itt rite June 07, 2006

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