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The concept of saying rude things about a certain subject over the Internet.
This site needs some Xbox bashing.
by spel itt rite February 08, 2006
An annoying kid in high school, usually a freshman, that still hasn't hit puberty yet. Characteristics include a light voice, no girlfriend, a lot of hair (on the head I mean), and a very immature personality.
If this prepube doesn't get away from me, he's gonna have a bunch of fist marks on his face.
by spel itt rite February 18, 2007
A device that sounds an alarm at a specific time, waking you up. Some alarm clocks go off 30-45 minutes after its set time, either making you late or unprepared.
My alarm clock woke me up at 6:45 today. I didn't have time to eat a good breakfast, so I fell asleep in class.
by spel itt rite September 18, 2006
To take part of what someone says and use it in what you say back to that someone.
SIR: I don't want this in my mouth.
Idiot: Well I don't want your voice in my ear!
SIR: Dang, you just did a counter attack.
by spel itt rite March 02, 2006
A T-shirt with an overused, cliched saying on it. For girls, it has some stupid flirty saying, while for boys, it usually says "I didn't do it!" Often worn by preteens.
What's that girl's shirt say? "I can only please one person a day"? Yep, it's a tween tee.
by spel itt rite August 30, 2006
A website created for the sole purpose of banning users. Created by n00bs who had gotten mad because they were flamed or banned.
After the n00b had gotten flamed by a moderator, he attempted revenge by creating a n00b site, inviting everyone over, then banning them. He was banned the next day.
by spel itt rite May 03, 2006
A Koopa Troopa's only armor. After it has been removed, it can be used as a projectile to pown someone.
*Cheerleader gets hit by a Koopa shell* Powned! Or however you say that!
by spel itt rite May 03, 2006

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