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When you fall in love with someone. Oftentimes, once this happens, the person you're in love with finds out, and starts dating someone else, which could lead to heartbreak,want for revenge, and other things.
My crush will regret dating that idiot. Just wait till tomorrow.
by spel itt rite January 22, 2006
Google Mobile's lame excuse for "I don't want to load this page right now so screw you."
Dang it, Google just gave me an error 502.
by spel itt rite April 03, 2006
The hatred of teenagers.
A condition that seems to affect the majority of Urban Dictionary.
Go look up the definition of teenager. That's some SERIOUS ephebiphobia right there!
by spel itt rite June 29, 2006
Help with something. Often confused with the word "attention" on teen forums like TeenSpot.
Proper use of the word "advice":
"I need advice on asking her out, can you help me?" by SomeAwesomeDude (600 posts)

Improper use of the word "advice":
"im bi....i need advice" by XxXhottxbixbabeXxX (1 post)
by spel itt rite October 04, 2006
A time of humiliation for those with sensitive eyes. By that I mean that those who get startled easily will look stupid because of the obnoxiously bright flash.
(school pictures time) Ok, smile. *FLASH* That was (heh heh) a great picture.
by spel itt rite January 23, 2006
When two kids get mad at each other and start telling each other to shut up. There's also "you're gay" wars too.
Me: Look at them; they're having a shut up war. Heh.
Kid 1: Shut up!
Kid 2: No, you shut up!
Kid 1: No, you shut up!
Kid 2: No, you shut up!
by spel itt rite June 21, 2006
The concept of saying rude things about a certain subject over the Internet.
This site needs some Xbox bashing.
by spel itt rite February 08, 2006

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