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To mass-message a large number of people using an identical message via the comment, wall, or guestbook section of social networking sites (ie, myspace or friendster), often for the purpose of quickly alerting a large number of people to information such as an event or breaking news story.
Nicole: Hey, did you tell everyone to meet at Shakedown on Saturday?
Carlos: Yeah, i cluster-commented the flyer to everyone on myspace.
by sp00ki October 09, 2006
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To inform (via message) a large group of people on social networking sites (ie myspace or facebook) in an attempt to exclude members who would ordinarily be informed by posting bulletins or announcements.
Monica cluster-commented her myspace friends about her birthday party. She could have just as easily sent out a bulletin, but wanted to be selective about who she told.
by juniper love November 06, 2006

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