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Imaginary reservoir for one who overindulges in liquor, food, etc. without showing signs of effect.
"My best friend has a hollow leg. She can drink 3 40 oz. bottles of Colt .45 and still walk a straight line."
by sour-puss October 11, 2006
A classic physical gag in which one reveals a portion of their stretched scrotal skin with the misrepresentation of it being a piece of chewed "gum."
Brian asked me if I wanted a piece of "gum" last night. I can't believe I fell for that trick again.
by sour-puss June 13, 2007
One who must compulsively handle or touch every item when entering a retail establishment, never with an intent to purchase the merchandise.
1. The proprieter of the local "Sunglass Hut" hated Barbara, as she was a known fingerfucker and would smudge all the lenses of the Prada eyewear and leave without spending a dime.

2. Retail managers hate fingerfuckers who take up sales clerk time, put their hands on everything, and then walk out.
by sour-puss June 08, 2007
Used to describe a condition of blind infatuation by a male to a female counterpart. May be used synonymously with cunt-struck or pussywhipped.
1. Jennifer had Gary totally snatch-hammered. She was always sending him to the drugstore for tampons, monistat, and slim-fast.

2. The best way to tell if a guy is snatch-hammered is to force him to watch "Titanic" and "The Notebook" back-to-back. If he doesn't complain...snatch-hammered!!
by sour-puss June 09, 2007

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