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/Max/./E/./Mum/ /Su/./kuj/ adj. 1. The worst possible state of affairs when things suck so badly that they can't POSSIBLY get any worse.
Maximum Suckage is when you just lost your job to the Pakistani guy whom you tutored in English, you come home to find your best friend since childhood boinking your wife/highschool sweet heart, you run outside to see a thief driving off in your car, your cell phone rings and you find out that that you're being audited by the IRS. It rings again and your doctor tells you that you have a terminal illness, the FAA calls to tell you that your parents were just in a plane crash. You die and God himself tells you you're going to hell and when you get to hell...Satan snubs you.
by Soulsurvivor_2001 March 08, 2006
/wee/grow/ n. wegreos pl. 1. white negro 2. Any person of caucasian decent who identifies more closely with blacks/African Americans than with whites. 3. White person who is more accepted by blacks than whites. 4. Person said to be black but with "white skin" not seen as deragatory as is it's conterpart "Wigger
1. Eminem is a total wegro. 2. A couple of wegroes from east Detroit showed up.
by soulsurvivor_2001 October 19, 2009
/Chya/./Chee/ n. Korean word meaning penis.

1. Had a cute Korean girl working my chachi.
by Soulsurvivor_2001 March 08, 2006
/Ha/./Tay/./Shun/ n. 1. An extremely attractive person of Asian descent. An Asian being on a higher plane than the "cutasian".

1. Thuy was the hotasian girl who sat behind you in Algebra.

2. Janet was the hotasian with the big knockers who
used to date your friend Shawn.
by Soulsurvivor_2001 March 08, 2006
adj. To Go Ike Turner 1. To have become suddenly irrational, or sporadically violent.
2. To become particularly physically or emotionally abusive to a woman. dir. Ike Turner was a popular R&B artist of the 50's, 60's, and 70's known for his turbulent relationship with his wife Tina.
1. Tim and Stephanie got into an argument and he went all "Ike Turner" on her. 2. Marcus said he would go all "Ike Turner" on Laquiesha if she kept dissin' him.
by soulsurvivor_2001 October 22, 2009
Muh/fuh/gah/ noun. 1. One who "hugs" "muff".
2. (crude) variant of "Mother fucker"
1. I'm the muff-hugga who's dating his ex girlfriend.

2. You're a STUPID muff-hugga aint cha?
by soulsurvivor_2001 October 19, 2009

/Kyoo/./Tay/./Shun/ n. 1. a person of Asian descent who can be described as "cute."

1. Keiko Agena is the cutasian on Gilmore Girls.
2. Lauren Tom was one of the cutasians in the Joy Luck Club.
by Soulsurvivor_2001 March 08, 2006

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