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A meal eaten when you wake up too late to have breakfast, but do not want to go until lunch without having eaten. Instead you have a single meal called brunch.

It is commonly eaten at the weekend. It is common in England but seems less so in America
Person 1: Hey, do you want to go for lunch?

Person 2: No, thanks, I got up late so I had brunch
by Soodonim December 23, 2013
The troll is the number one threat to humanity as he has always been. Standing at 7 feet tall, he is rail thin and usually slouches to appear two feet shorter. He sports a reddish blue skin and two foot long tusks. For reasons unknown (perhaps a result of his carribean origions) he speaks with a thick jamaican accent. Born in Haiti as a result of a dark ritual by a whichdoctor, he is the embodiment of evil. A practitioner of the arcane arts, the troll is a renouned mage; his stark purple is testimate to this. He has been known to cause unbelieve havok throughout human civilization. He shot bambi's mother, sunk the titanic, the luisitania, and destroyed the roman colluseum (single handedly, i might add). He has never been caught as periodically jumps inside of people through their ear and hollows them out from the inside. Thus, he is able to commit his horrible acts incognito. The only time he ventures out is to feed. He can regularly be seen leaving children's hospitals with a squirming burlap sack. The only man who knows of his presence, and consequently the only one who can defeat him, is Dan Scarfoni.
The troll stared at the kindergarten hungrily, "Oh i bet they're tasty." he said.
by soodonim June 11, 2008

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