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The sheer joy that is the result of partaking in all the debauchery that is Las Vegas.
Susan had a vegasm after winning 10K at the craps table.
by soo-zee April 14, 2011
1. When a person's outerwear is wedged between the buttocks giving the impression that the buttocks themselves are attempting to eat the garment.

2. Extreme version of a wedgie.

3. Often the result of wearing ill fitting undergarments, a thong or going commando.
When I wore a thong, my shorts kept trying to crawl into my butt crack too. It looked like I had a severe case of hungrius assius.
by soo-zee August 02, 2011
1. Female friends one can bitch to about anything, anytime anywhere.
2. Women who will stand by you during trying times.
When I need to whine about my husband and kids, I call my Support Hoes and we go out for drinks.
by soo-zee July 20, 2011

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