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A great insult to fling at people. Or just something to say when there is nothing else to fill the void. Also, the source of many dirty jokes.
A) "Yer mom is so -insert insult here-

B) Person 1: "Hi, how are you?"
Person 2: "Yer mom!"

C) Person 1: "Hey, you poked a hole in my balloon! I hate you!"
Person 2: "I poked a hole in your mom last night."
by soniahazard April 28, 2004
The name of a great, great band. Indierockemodealie. They're great. Check em out.
Piebald is one of the coolest bands around.
by SoniaHazard March 17, 2004
A wonderful band whom I adore. And you should, too. What are you waiting for? Go. Now. Listen. Be amazed. You'll like them. I promise. Yes, they rule.
Troubled Hubble is only one of the coolest bands alive.
by soniahazard April 28, 2004

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