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1. most commonly used in south western pennsylvannia to describe a person who is dirty and smelly.

2. a gross smelly disease fish get.
"OMG did you see that dustin kid he is so greasy and he's worn that shirt every day this week WHAT A SCURF!"
by softball_lover#10 April 01, 2009
An area located in Normallville, PA filled with trailers and everything known to man that's illegal including stripers, drugs, a lot of incest, and counterfeiting money. The majority of the people living there are scurfy, smell bad, don't take showers, and are highly uneducated.
girl 1-"See that girl right there"
girl 2-"Yea she looks pregnent"
girl 1-"She is and it's her brother's baby"
girl 2-"Well that's not a shocker she lives in Hawkins Hallow"
by softball_lover#10 April 02, 2009
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