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Guy Fieri is the host of about a half dozen shows on Food Network. This isn't even his birth name. He was born Guy Ferry (not even joking) and subsequently changed his name, no doubt because of the ridicule he deservingly recieved while growing up. He is the embodiment of douchebag. This poor excuse for a man dons bleach blonde hair, some ridiculous facial hair growth, sweat bands on his ams, earrings, sun glasses on the back of his head, and a bunch of other assorted jewelery. There is no bigger tool living or deceased.
Guy Fieri makes my stomoch turn. Why the hell did Food network give that dip shit so many shows?
by snickelfitch November 10, 2008
Carlos Mencia obviously added the last ten or so entries himself trying to glorify himself. The first twenty entries all knock that faggot. I seriously wouldn't be surprised one bit if this was true. I hate Carlos Mencia. He is a thief, and Joe Rogan should have knocked that filthy piece of shit the fuck out.
Person #1- I hope Carlos Mencia gets hit by lightning.

Person #2- Word.
by snickelfitch November 10, 2008
A woman, usually white, who prefers to have sex with african americans (moon crickets).

I just saw Suzy at Kennedy Fried Chicken with Jamal. She is a filthy cricket hugger
by snickelfitch July 15, 2008
A heaping helping of fast food, purchased or stolen from KFC, the popular fast food franchise.

Requirements are as follows...

-It has to be literally steaming to the naked eye upon delivery

-It has to consist of no less than four different menu items

-It must be ordered and consumed while either drunk, or severely hung over

To conclude... If you're going to get a Steaming Pile, be ready to get loose with some serious deuce abuse the following morning. A fresh, glistening toilet bowl is a Steaming Pile's closest friend.
Get off the couch right now, son. It's time for a steaming pile.
by snickelfitch January 13, 2012
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