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massive bed-fart, especially while on a futon
He tried to 'dutch-oven' me with a Futon Torpedo, but I got the shields up in time..
by sneederbee November 29, 2011
Moms with tandem and double baby strollers bashing everything in a narrow-aisle Dollar Store
It was Stroller Derby the whole day, the entire store is a wreck!
by sneederbee February 03, 2011
Inexplicably becoming stupid at age 55, especially to your own children (who once thought you knew everything!)
My parents have gone through Mensapause and can't even count their own ears anymore!
by sneederbee December 15, 2010
stuck-up good looking person
I asked that haughttie to dance , but she wouldn't even talk to me
by sneederbee November 17, 2010
When you try to wank a quick one
After my alarm went off, I barely had time for a gallop pull before my Mom came up and yelled at me to get moving
by sneederbee February 09, 2011

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