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A member of the opposite sex, ussualy a female who entices you into thinking you have a chance. Almost always ends with you having blueballs and feelings of sorrow, resentment and bitterness.

A girl who works at a local pizza parlor in Berwyn, IL.
Shit yo, that girl was mad down with me, shes ready for something, oh shit, nm, shes got a man, fuck, what a tease.

Stephanie K
by Snax December 27, 2004
1) v. the act of getting extremetly fucked up by playing ruit the night before a test and subsequently failing the test 2) v. the act of booting in a friend's fraternity houses' basement and passing out next to it
3) v. skipping homework and writing shitty lab reports in order to play beruit
1.Since the assignment was rumored to take over 3 hours to complete, he decided to get melled at the house all night.
2.After a half hour of studying for the test, he said to his buddy, "Fuck it, lets get melled tonight", and ended up with a 50 on the test.
3.You could tell he wanted to get melled when the 40 point homework question was left blank.
by Snax June 22, 2004
1)v. the act of giving ass loads of unnecessary work just to be a dick 2) v. sucking at life in general 3) adj. having homosexual tendencies (i.e. easily bribed by sucking off certain individuals in exchange for good grades)
1) "What a homo, this is the third time he kribbed us by making us revise this damn resume. Let's just skip it and get melled."
2) I'm fucking tired of getting kribbed every night- its a half credit class asshole.
3) His kribbish behavior was easily recognized by his giving A's to those who'd stayed in his office for a BJ.
by snax July 06, 2004
1) v. the inability to pronounce the end of words, particularly "l"s, "t"s, and "d"s. For example, "Is it correct" would be pronounced "Is it corre" or "Very good, chad" would be "Very goo, cha"; inability to speak "corre" english or make sense at all
2) v. eating out certain students who do "Very goo" using a special crooked- tooth pertruding from the mouth
3) v. giving unprepared, off-topic, uncomprehendable lectures, then assigning ass loads of work and becoming oblivious to the reality of college life; a general inability to teach or have any use at all
1) The female-looking nerd got chiad up so good that the tooth broke off inside him.
2) What the fuck is this shit, he chiad us again! Doesn't he understand we can't do shit he doesn't teach us? Fuck him, lets get grubed.
3) The only thing thats "corre" is to skip his worthless, chiad-up lectures or get melled and laugh at him.
by snax July 26, 2004
v. 1) The act of dancing with, making out with, and/or humping the leg of an extremely fat, ugly female. Usually this results from extreme intoxication and in extreme cases can lead to sexual intercourse with this particular female. In most cases, the females will have red hair, although other colors are possible.
adj. chacteristic exemplified by extremely obese and unattractive females
Damn, he must have been really toukhied last night to hookup with that chick, she was hideous.

He passed off the toukhi-looking chick to his buddy who escorted her out of the party.

That girl was definately toukhi-quality material, and was alienated at the party.
by Snax April 18, 2004
v. 1) The act of getting extremely intoxicated instead of doing work or before tests.
2) The act of fucking up on tests and not doing work.
After failing a test, he decided to get grubed and drank a bottle of gin which led to booting and falling off the porch.
After nobody could find him since he skipped all his classes, people found him all grubed up in his room.
by Snax April 18, 2004
1) n. getting so incredibly wasted that you don't remember shit; short for "blacked out"; can lead to crazy unknown activities such as passing out on curbs/random girl's beds,peeing off stairwells,in shoes, or on beds, or booting on computer disk drives or comforters; a regular occurrence at bucknell
1) Damn, how the fuck did I get here...wait, this isn't my room..I must have been fucking blacked last night.
2) After getting blacked the night before, he woke up to a soaked bed and a computer covered in boot.
3) After 18 games of ruit, he was so blacked that I passed out with his pants down while making nachos.
by snax July 09, 2004
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